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Just twenty years ago, in 1998, the internet became mainstream. About ten years later the mobile smart phones were trendy. Now with the power of the internet, the smartphones in our pocket and experience in Bitcoin for nine years, it is the time that crypto backed tokens become mainstream.

The idea of cryptography has enabled us to communicate savely since the invention of the internet, and even before. Cryptography ever existed, but it was much more complicated to use in the past, with pen and paper. The old currencies, not backed by any mathematical algorithm to secure its reliability, had a number printed on the paper, to assure that this bill could be uniquely identified. The idea behind that is clever, but if you can not confirm that the bill itself is not faked, then the whole number is useless.

The real smart king realizes when he is beat and starts partieng with the crowd.

Currencies printed on paper, have always been subject to faking, because anyone with a printer, scanner and some graphical skills can actually print similar paper. But especially the globally dominant governments have fought many silent wars, printing the paper currencies of other countries to devaluate the opponents economy. It is the nature of a nation to be constantly at economic warfare with the competing countries.

As we analye this, i want to ask you, if it was ever possible to back a currency with gold, as it was implemented in the first place, by the bankers? Surely not! And the bankers are not stupid, so they knew that their idea was a scam right from the beginning. Because as soon as you have any faked bills which can not be ifentified as fake, all other bills devaluate and can never be worth a fixed amount of gold or any other real asset. Cryptographic currencies are atually the first real currencies, which can not be considered fake or scam. In contrast to the old system, which we just identified as scam, as it claims to do something which is impossible.

Now is the chance, for any government to secure itself against these types of scams, but even more, we do not have to wait for the governments to act, we ourselves can secure us by not using these easily fakeable paper bills anymore and pushing the adoption of crypto backed currencies or tokens.

Once we are actually using the secure and reliable tokens instead of the national currencies, which is absolutely our right, because we identified the scam behind the national currencies and we do not have to participate in a criminal activity. So once we are actually using the tokens, doors open up to entirely new investment opportunities which were exclusive to some elite in the past. In the past you had to sign up for a bank account, then sign up for a trading account, pay commission for both and rely totally on one specific bank (or pay more fees having more bank accounts), to be able to invest in digitally represented assets.

Or if you were a more conservative person, you would only put money in the savings acount of the bank and simply rely on the interest rate they would pay you. Where this type of investment has always been a huge scam, because of the hidden inflation rate. The interest rate paid by banks was often lower than the hidden inflation rate of the currency, effectively booking a loss to the customers wealth. Banks have never been interested in supporting the wealth of their customer, their main interest is taking a part of your wealth and build huge glass towers.

The bank was even holding all your value, you were actually lending your money to the bank and you were not in possession of it! The bank had a liability/debt against you, because the bank controlled your money. As much as the bank controlled your money, governments could shut down acounts and scam all your money. The biggest scam in history of that kind was probably the scam that happened to Kim Dotcom. He is a multi millionaire and even to him, these things can happen.

To myself it has also happened, the bank closed my account, as it is written in the terms and conditions of the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) that they can shut down any account within 2 month. One day i was standing in front of the ATM and the credit card just wouldnt give me my money. I had to send an e-mail to the bank, so that i would get my own money back, which they had freezed after they had illegally closed my account.

I say the closing was illegal, because i was not notified properly to be able to adapt to the new situation. They claimed to have sent me paper post which was returned, but they never tried to send me a simple e-mail or put me a message in my online banking account. How hilarious is that, as i am using their online banking and it is an online banking only bank? Why did they shut down my account directly? They could also just invalidate the credit cards so that i would still be able to make tranfers with my own money but would surely quit using their service soon.

This story just shows the aggressive way banks operate against customers they do not like, because they make transactions to bitcoin exchanges. I had my account with that bank for more than ten years, nothing had changed recently, except that i was exchanging money with crypto exchanges frequently.

I can tell you and i want to tell that to the President of DKB, you closed the wrong bank account! I will resist against this regime, i will fight until the end of my life for the freedom of money, atleast the money shall be free, so maybe afterwards humanity can follow. Oh boy you fuckers will get what you deserve, less customers and more free inhabitants on this planet. I do not fear death, come and get me if you can, as you killed others who were fighting for the revolution. Any dead activist is just another step in direction freedom, as you loose more and more credibility and people get really dedicated and start focusing their life on the revolution.

We have developed the ultimate peaceful weapon, which is cryptography, because you were fucking with us all our life. It is the ultimate weapon, it is time to surrender. Nothing can beat our shield. The longer you fuck with us, the more you will suffer and stay behind. You can hop on the train, start mining and investing in Bitcoin Cash, as anyone can participate to support the proof of work. We do not judge or discriminate anyones hashrate. All we want is a little bit of fairness in this world, something we can trust in, something we can really believe in, which is Bitcoin Cash.

So now we have sorted out, why paper money has always been a fake and that we can not trust anyone else holding our own funds, without giving us any security in return. Here comes the token into play, the token gives you a return as it gives you a cryptographic key. That key assures you, that only you are in control of that token. As long as you keep the key secure, because anyone who gets his hands on the key, is able to spend your tokens.

The key also assures, that the token can not be faked or reproduced, as these tokens are secured by mathematical algorithms, which can not be compromised. The technology behing the tokens has proven himself reliable for decades. Cryptography is so secure that not even the FBI can hack the devices of people, who secure their data with crypto.

Anyone can send tokens to anyone from his own wallet, each wallet has one or multiple addresses. The wallets are actually held in the smartphones (for convenience), they can be downloaded for free in the app markets of Google and Apple. The wallets secret key could also be stored on a paper, and could be put in a safe or several different locations to secure the wallet in case of fire or any desaster. But then it would not be so practical to use anymore.

So there are multiple use cases for these wallets, they can be used like a bank account, like cash or even like a partnered bank account. You choose which wallet you use in which way and how much security in trade for convenience you want. Partnered wallets, so called 2-3 multi signature wallets, can be used by multiple parties to share an account, it is only possible to spend these funds if 2 of the 3 partners agree and they sign the transaction with their private key.

A transaction is any normal payment process and a private key is the phrase you get when you create your wallet. This private phrase could consist of any combination of characters or words. It is important to point out, that in case of loss of your smartphone, you can always recover your wallet with that private keyphrase. It is also important to point out that NOBODY except you should know that keyphrase, not even your husband or wife, to avoid any possible future conflicts.

So now you have installed the wallet, you have secured the private keyphrase and now you have these tokens in your smartphone, aehm one moment how did they get there? Probably because someone scanned your QR code and transferred you some tokens. This is how easy it is to transfer funds from one person to another, in the times of digital cryptography.

In an instant, you can handle all your payments, no matter how small or how big they are. No matter which border is between you and the seller. Cryptographic tokens are borderless. The old digital payment systems like EC or VISA always required the merchant to rent machines, get these machines running, to make contracts with the credit card companies, to make contracts with the banks and in the end to pay the credit card companies a huge sum for that nearly monopolistic service.

The tokens have broken the monopoly of the credit cards to lower the fees for the merchants and so in the end the fees for the customers. All products paid with tokens are generelly cheaper for the consumer, than the same product paid in national currency. Because as you purchase the tokens, you are lending out a credit to the company, where you want to spend the token at later. That means these companies can develop much faster, they can sell you goods which they have not even produced yet and secure you with the token.

We are not only saving banking fees and interest rates for lending money between parties, but we are also saving on global natural ressources, by not using additional machines for the payment process, as anyone has a smartphone nowadays. Thanks to the mathematical genius of some of our brothers we now have a free economy, thanks to the crypto anarchos. Thanks and much love!

I promise to make good use of that gift and i will dedicate a big chunk of my life energy into spreading the word and explaining the people the huge impact of the cryptographic inventions. Crypto is the Ghandi movement of our time, anyone can make peace, just use a peaceful currency.

Imagine the school to have his own token of value, which you can buy for your kids, so they can purchase a meal in school, but they can not spend it otherwise. Imagine raising a token for african or south american countries, donations could be person to person, no government or institution taxing the donations. Imagine raising a token for the the countries we destroyed by invading them and stealing their ressources. To establish peace we have to refund their losses and leave them alone, respect their souveranity.

We can act, we can put our money where we want to see action, if we want to see peace, we have to invest in peace. Peace can also be a business, peaceful societies are much more flourishing than war driven territories are.

So why not raise a peacetoken which uses its funds to establish peace in the world? Peace is easy, we just have to do it, we just have to give others the food or land they need to survive and not steal anything else from them. All of that can be acomplished with money, money can be transferred in a few clicks. Land and food is really cheap in comparison to cars and airplanes. Just dont buy that fucking third car but make peace with the peacetoken. We can click us to world wide peace!

If anyone wants to raise a peace token in collaboration with me, drop me a message!

Easy peacey!

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