The Real Bitcoin FAQ

Please find answers to common questions here, note we do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. If you can not find the answer to one of your questions here, contact us now and ask us personally.

  • Why is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) better than BTC?

    The transaction fees of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are a fraction of the fee of a BTC transaction. Also the confirmation time is lower, as you get into the next block every single time and even more because BCH enabled instant confirmations by removing the error prone replace by fee bug. People using BTC can be scammed easily with the replace by fee bug, which is still not fixed by the failing developer team of the old bitcoin client. Because most active members of the community have changed to develop for BCH now, the development process of BCT is nearly stagnant. BCH offers instant confirmations and low fees! BCH has the strongest, most active and most dedicated community of all crypto coins. You can see this in the famous uncensored subreddit r/btc

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  • Is there censorship and corruption happening around Bitcoin?

    Yes, there is still and since several years a lot of censorship going on in the old main communication channels of the community. We are talking about the subreddit r/bitcoin which is led by the user Theymos, who is actively pushing the Blockstream agenda. The censorship can be seen and witnessed by anyone, just go to Uncensored Reddit Clone instead of Censored r/bitcoin Subreddit and check on the 2nd and 3rd page, where all the censored posts appear in red color.

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  • Who is Blockstream and what does that have to do with Bitcoin?

    Blockstream is the company which took over the development process of Bitcoin in the year 2015. They have been funded by big players like AXA and the Bilderbergs. The interest of the Bilderbergs in Bitcoin is clear, they want to destroy it, so the old banking empire can continue. Blockstream developed bad code intentionally and brought bugs into Bitcoin intentionally. They also mobbed the good developers out of the team, which later started to develop Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The employees of Blockstream are notorious liars, engage in harassment of the users and other developers and hack user accounts. Especially famous for hacks and lies are the CTO Gregory Maxwell, the CEO Adam Back and Samson Mow.

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  • Who are the developers of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

    The Bitcoin Cash Protocol is a real peoples movement, thats why there are several different development teams. During the last 30 days there have contributed 62 developers to the code base, mostly working voluntarely and awaiting your donation. Check out the following link to get a grip of what is going on in the Bitcoin Cash development scene: Bitcoin Cash Nodes

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