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Over 16,907,750 BCH and growing, We love our freedom.

The Bitcoin movement started on the 3rd of January 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto, our club president, mined the first blockchain block! Since then the movement is unstoppable, it has grown enormously every year during the past 9 years and has now reached a state of global domination. The Bitcoin (BTC) which was created by our president, with feeless and instant transactions, has continued to live on as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The seperation of the two chains (hard fork) happened on 1st August 2017, to save the original Bitcoin protocol from changes by the malicious Blockstream developer team, led by their CTO Gregory Maxwell and CEO Adam Back. Bitcoin #BTC as it was intended to be or Bitcoin Cash #BCH as it is today, gives all humans on planet earth the ability to trade permissionless with each other, without restrictions by national laws and borders. Bitcoin is not just a currency, each Bitcoin is part of a greater movement for global peace. Humanity can finally connect and use the enourmous power of the decentralized internet for a world with more freedom and equality.

Bitcoin Cash is a peoples movement, it is the Ghandi movement of our time. Bitcoin can bring relative wealth to the poor as much as it can bring relative wealth to the rich. Anyone who has a heart of gold and believes in the power of the people, can adopt to Bitcoin and have a share of the energy we generate together. Holding a Bitcoin is not only holding a globally useful feeless currency right on your smartphone. It is also giving your voice to the crowd who already supports the movement and making the movement even stronger.

When you use Bitcoin, nobody can shut down your account! You are in control of your money, nobody can rob you your money, even if you travel the whole world. We want to have control about our own money, we believe that this is a basic human right. Nobody will ever be forced to use the Bitcoin, as we are forced today to be using the national currencies. Nobody will ever force the Bitcoin to be the only asset to trade oil for, only the US Dollar does such crazy things and the US military forces invade other countries if they do not sell their oil for US Dollars.

There is a lot of violence connected to the currencies we are using today and as we are lovely and peaceful people, we do not want to take part in that game. We believe it is our freedom of choice, not to take part in the US Dollar or the Euro or the Rubel or the Yen game. We want to trade with each other based on a currency which can not be faked, as the current national currencies can be faked easily and are often sold by the governments of the other countries. We want to have a fair game, we want to have transparency about the amount of liquidity which exists in the market. Currently nobody can say how many US Dollars are in circulation, not even the private federal reserve bank (founded in 1913 by the 6 richest families of the U.S.) which is printing them mostly, to sell the printed paper to the U.S. population as a currency afterwards.

Our vice-president has personally made the experience of banks shutting down accounts without reason and even without further notice. We believe that violates basic human rights, as the bank account in todays society serves to pay for the rent and the food. Thanks to Bitcoin our vice president was able to survive and has now choosen to secure his survival by using Bitcoin exclusively. There are many examples on this world, where people are buying their food for bitcoins, especially in south american or african countries. Bitcoins have become an essential part of our global society. Bitcoin is much more social than most people believe, because of the economical advantages Bitcoin has over the national currencies the society can benefit greatly.

The US Dollar as we know it today, was printed first in the year 1913, it was then changed to a state owned currency by the U.S. president Kennedy, shortly before he was shot on November 22, 1963. He was shot by the same people who put in place the next president, to revoke the changes of president Kennedy and continue with a privately owned currency. This shall give you an example of how much violence is involved in todays monetary system. There is so much violence because it is controlled by authorities, because humans are weak, greedy and corrupt. Bitcoin Cash is not controlled by any human, but it is a central computer in which we all put our trust, to decide what is right and wrong. The Bitcoin program has proven to be safe for the past 9 years, nobody can manipulate it. It is based on cryptographic algorithms, which can not be broken and if they can ever be broken, they can be easily replaced by modern more secure algorithms.

All national currencies have ever failed, because of inflation. All national currencies have ever failed and so will the U.S. Dollar and the EUR fail. Actually the EUR has failed already, as some countries are leaving the euro zone and others are going bankrupt. It is just a question of time and we are happy to prepare an alternative, so that we do not end up in a hunger crisis and civil war when that happens. Bitcoin Cash is here to secure the society of the upcoming crash by the U.S. Dollar. Actually the national currencies are loosing stronger every day already, that is why the Crypto currency prices are rising so much. Because people have realized that the paper bills are not worth as much as what is printed on them. So it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

After the creation of Bitcoin Cash, the supporters of the old Bitcoin started huge harassment campaigns on Twitter and in the censored r/bitcoin forum. The supporters of Bitcoin Cash unite themselves in the subreddit r/btc and we have the largest producer of Bitcoin mining equipment and many other famous and important persons in the Bitcoin space behind us. We earned so much resistane with the BCH movement, that we got confirmed over and over again, that we are heading in the right direction. Freedom is a right the humanity has to fight for, it will not be gifted. We want to have freedom and peace for our future generations and for our mother earth.

Bitcoin will be the first currency that can not fail, because the population is actually in control of it, if it fails, the population simply and quickly adapts alternatives as it has happened with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) recently. Because the old Bitcoin is failing, all the early adopters of Bitoin have created Bitcoin Cash, changed all their funds from BTC to BCH and even made a profit on that. Later then the crowd followed and by now the old Bitcoin is rarely used for any online payments, because the fees are too high. The transaction volume of BTC has shrinked about 17% during the last 3 month while the transation volume of BCH has grown by several hundred percent. BTC is slowly but surely decreasing in value as more and more people change their coins to BCH.

Bitcoin Cash will only be generated until there are about 21.000.000 coins in circulation, that will be in about 100 years, as the amount of coin generation is lowered periodically to level out the rising price of the Bitcoin. We expect the price of the real Bitcoin (BCH) to be rising atleast for the next 50 years, until it has reached partial global domination and is used as the base currency for many other trades. The value of the old Bitcoin which was kidnapped since 2015 will continue to fall, until nobody talks about it anymore. There is absolutely no reason to keep supporting BTC after the year 2019 has ended, because the most frequently used exchanges will be offering BCH trading pairs, as BCH offers fast and super cheap transactions and the biggest volume/price stability. That is especially interesting for the traders which move large amounts from one exchange to the other frequently.

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