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Open Source Services

Focused on Bitcoin promotion since 2013, Coin Map app development since 2017.

Bitcoin Merchant Promotion

We offer free education to local Coinmap merchants. Bitcoin Merchant Online Marketing, Cryptocurrency payments, Bitcoin BCH philosophy.

TRBC believes that local merchant adoption is what mostly creates a viral effect on sustainable long term bitcoin network growth.

P2P Software Experts

We build high performance scalable mobile apps since 2009 with a passion for open source p2p protocols.

Our lead developer has been working on mobile p2p platforms since 2009 even before Android 1.0 was released to the market and achieved to have the most wanted p2p audio sharing app in the Play Store in 2011.

Crypto Investigation & Writing

We investigate the economic opportunities & social impact that Bitcoin has. We share our thoughts in social crypto networks and we manifest them into open source software code or you can find some of the Bitcoin Club archived publications up there in the menu. E.g. When will the USD bubble burst? or The new money, cryptographic tokens.

Coinmap Bitcoin Maps

The Real Bitcoin Club is a free market community, therefore we support the whole Bitcoin community, as freedom starts with the freedom of choice, bringing together BTC - Bitcoin, BCH - Bitcoin Cash, DASH & BSV - Bitcoin SV. Our current portfolio contains various Coin Maps which are forming part of our brand BMAP.

TRBC's flag ship product is which unites with on mobile landscale or desktop mode. It also works on mobile portrait and will show you our cross-platform map "Coinector". As we A/B tested various brands researching with real users speaking many different languages, we rebranded to Bmap in 2020. If you choose to promote or recommend any of our products, we will not only generously tip you for these efforts. Please send us an email to to get your bounty.
Coinector Web
To serve the whole community on all available plaforms The Real Bitcoin Club started the development of in 2019 and released it within a few months built on the latest tech stack by Google called Flutter. It is available as Web, Android & iPhone variant. Anyway we recommend the iPhone users to stick to the Coin Map web variant as it has the latest features updated frequently. Apple policies are difficult to comply with as a free market universal app that has no company registered with any government in any national legislation.
Bitcoin Map
The most simplistic that was launched in April 2018 is still part of our brand BMAP, as we kept building on top of our achievements to expand most efficiently. We are currently working to release the final product of The Real Bitcoin Club which will be a crypto p2p delivery platform that will bring free employment to anyone who wishes to earn some BCH. The great thing about the low transaction fee of Bitcoin Cash is, that anyone can choose to Sideshift the BCH to BTC, DASH or BSV so that the whole community can happily participate.
Local Bitcoin Map Android
This Android App was first released on April 2018, right after Bitcoin Map had onboarded the first five BCH merchants. It offers a beautiful map with custom icons for each bitcoin tourism category. Within the app you can choose which place categories are relevant to your needs in the top right menu. That feature is even more refined on the apps that were released afterwards, as you can search for any keyword like Bitcoin Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Hotels, ToGo, Wellness. Inside the android app you have a favourites list, so that you can totally customize the map to your individual needs. You can switch the look and feel of the UI from light to dark mode too.
CoinMap Android
It offers a different focus on the database which is the same for all the TRBC - RealBitcoinClub products. In this app you will see a directory of places first, but can still access a map feature on the top right corner. Coinector in all its platform variants offers a high speed search and filter function. Just click the search icon on the top left to get a suggestion of keywords and type in to use the autocomplete feature. You can filter BMAP web variant in the same way, give it a try to see how useful it is, this link will lead you to all the places selling Bitcoin Pizza but you can filter for many more tags of any bitcoin tourist interest, just play around and enjoy the experience.
CoinMap iPhone
Yes we even have released an iPhone app Bitcoin Map but we still recommend every iPhone user to use the Coinector Web variant instead, because we dont know for how long apple will let us participate in the App store. In contrary to the Google Play Store which is an open source system, it is not that easy to download an app from another place than their store. Please use at your own risk of being shut out eventually. It is also very difficult to release an app on the Apple Store and get it approved, so we do not push feature updates to this app, to get the latest features please use the web variant of Coinector.

Bitcoin Club Story

The following is a rough summary of what TRBC - The Real Bitcoin Club has been doing within the past years. We are focused on p2p coinmap merchant adoption to bring more economic freedom to this world, laying the foundation for a united peaceful world society. article covering
How to live on bitcoin only
Blockchain Industry Group covering TRBC philosophy
Como vivir solamente usando bitcoin

BMAP Team, wow so much!

We are a very small team, so we are extremely efficient! Our services usually beat customers expectations. Just as nobody was able to imagine Bitcoin before it happened, nobody can imagine what our artful creation might look like before it is created, not even ourselves. But if you would want to start an experiment with us, then we will be the scientific artists to implement it for you. All payments must be in bitcoin.


Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin Jesus



Lead Marketer & President

Feliz Chelou

Feliz Chelou

Lead Developer

We consider anyone who follos the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto as a club member! You can collaborate on The Real Bitcoin Club Github Repository by submitting PRs and issues. You are also very welcome to support our efforts on Social Media like @BarrioBitcoin Twitter, The Real Bitcoin Club Instagram, Bitcoin Map YouTube,,, by liking and sharing! Laugh n Peas!

Download the TRBC PGP public key for a private conversation without the NSA reading all the messages.

Contact Us

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you to grow adoption in your area.

Download the TRBC PGP public key for a private conversation without the NSA reading all the messages.

All our development is 100% open source, we invite everyone who loves free markets and p2p coinmap merchant adoption to work in the flattest hyrarchie possible. We value all contributions gratefully and as our president "Chili" always barks, "All dogs unite for the greater goal of world peace" so to achieve that we practice what we preach giving anyone the chance to contribute or build on top of what we have already delivered. Our code base has zero copyrights it can even be used in any commercial way, while our brands are protected by Chili, she will bite you in the ass and send you all the hacksters in the world to take you down if you mess with her imitating any of the TRBC brands.