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Focused on Bitcoin promotion since 2013, app development since 2017.

Merchant Promotion

We offer free education to local merchants. Online Marketing, Cryptocurrency payments, Bitcoin philosophy.

Software Experts

We build high performance scalable mobile apps since 2009 with a passion for open source p2p protocols.

Investigation & Writing

We investigate the economic opportunities & social impact that Bitcoin has. We share our thoughts in social crypto networks and we manifest them into open source software code.


The Real Bitcoin Club is a free market community, therefore we support the whole Bitcoin community, as freedom starts with the freedom of choice, bringing together BTC, BCH, DASH & BSV. Our current portfolio contains various Bitcoin Maps which are forming part of our brand BMAP.

TRBC's flag ship product is bmap.app which unites bitcoinmap.cash with coinector.app on mobile landscale or desktop mode. It also works on mobile portrait and will show you our cross-platform map "Coinector". As we A/B tested various brands researching with real users speaking many different languages, we rebranded Bitcoin Map to Bmap in 2020. If you choose to promote or recommend any of our products, we will not only generously tip you for these efforts. Please send us an email to trbc@bitcoinmap.cash to get your bounty.
To serve the whole community on all available plaforms The Real Bitcoin Club started the development of coinector.app in 2019 and released it within a few months built on the latest tech stack by Google called Flutter. It is available as Web, Android & iPhone variant. Anyway we recommend the iPhone users to stick to the web variant as it has the latest features updated frequently. Apple policies are difficult to comply with as a free market universal app that has no company registered with any government in any national legislation.
The most simplistic Bitcoin Map that was launched in April 2018 is still part of our brand BMAP, as we kept building on top of our achievements to expand most efficiently. We are currently working to release the final product of The Real Bitcoin Club which will be a p2p delivery platform that will bring free employment to anyone who wishes to earn some BCH. The great thing about the low transaction fee of Bitcoin Cash is, that anyone can choose to Sideshift the BCH to BTC, DASH or BSV so that the whole community can happily participate.


The following is a rough conclusion of what TRBC - The Real Bitcoin Club has been doing within the past years. We are focused on p2p merchant adoption to bring more economic freedom to this world, laying the foundation for a united peaceful world society.

Our Amazing Team

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Parveen Anand

Lead Designer


Diana Petersen

Lead Marketer


Larry Parker

Lead Developer

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